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No 2016 Health Care Benefit Cost Increase

Engendren and its employee team is enjoying 2016 as our 7th consecutive year with no increase in health insurance premiums... accomplished with only a couple of minor plan changes necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act...changes that were barely noticeable to plan participants. 

Most importantly, our steady premium rate, realized in a health care market that regularly sees double-digit annual percentage increases, can only mean that our employees are spending less on health care. 

Engendren and functional divisions Linda Brand, Wellness Coach for Engendren, checks the vital signs of Dave Steck, Engendren’s Chief Sales and Operations Officer.  Linda visits Engendren regularly to provide wellness coaching to any interested employee.

Being able to spend less, our employees must be proactively taking care of themselves, and being ever-smarter consumers of health services... for which they deserve hearty “Congratulations”.

Healthcare is frequently discussed in the context of wellness vs. illness.  While the medical profession is well-equipped to care for us when we’re ill, staying well starts with the individual. 

Our astounding record of health insurance cost control is clear evidence of the enthusiastic employee participation in our wellness initiatives. 

One element of wellness initiatives was the January 6th “finger stick” blood test conducted on site at Engendren’s headquarters.  Within minutes, every participant was given the results of his or her test.  And those results were followed by an immediate consultation with our resident health care practitioner and wellness coach, Linda Brand.  Linda did a great job of explaining what the blood test results meant and what lifestyle changes could be made to improve any of the statistics that were not in the optimal range. 

To maintain a focus on improving the numbers, Linda comes back to Engendren on a regular basis to follow-up with any participants that had less than favorable stats or anyone that just wants to consult with her*. 

A high quality of life has as one of its most basic elements high quality health .  We’re thrilled by the countless wellness improvements made by employee participants and the immeasurable benefits they are enjoying now, and will enjoy in the future, as a result of those efforts.

 *Linda is not an employee of Engendren, does not retain health information shared with her and does not report any health information to Engendren.  Any information provided by participants to Linda is confidential between those participants and her.

Engendren and functional divisions